Ezee Cling wrap PVC 600 meter (12 Inch)

Ezee Cling wrap PVC 600 meter (12 Inch)
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Ezee Cling Flim are thin PVC films, with the help of plasticisers it stay flexible and tear resistant. At the same time, it is an essential and cost-effective way for food presentation. Features of Ezee Cling Film: Protect & Keep foods products safe from the micro-organisms Preserving food products Freshness High oxygen and water vapor transmission Highly Durable Benefits of Ezee Cling Film: It preserves nutrition, freshness & taste of food. It prevents oxidation & dehydration in cut fruits & salads. No spillage & foul smell in microwave ovens & refrigerators. It protects goods from dust. It easily clings to itself, plate/glass & ceramic ware. It can be used to seal any shape of food container. Attractive presentation helps book sales in stores