Stainless Steel Glass Wiper, Medium (Silver)

Stainless Steel Glass Wiper, Medium (Silver)
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Squeegee blade is made of durable high quality rubber, which gives you a perfectly smooth but flexible blade to quickly whisk away water from any smooth surface as a good helper to cleaning glass, organizing family to work together and enjoying happy time, save much time. ✔ Soft ergonomics designed non-slip foam handle window glass cleaner provides extra comfort. The shower squeegee is rust-resistant, lightweight and sturdy. ✔ The window cleaning squeegee is compact and works great with many things, such as car care, shower doors and more. Anti-skid Silicone Window Glass Wiper Cleaner is designed for Bathroom, kitchen, living room, car and office. ✔ Easy to use, place squeegee on surface and swipe downward, effectively whisking away water and leaving behind a clean and streak free surface