Taski R4 Shine-Up Furniture Maintainer - 5Ltr

Taski R4 Shine-Up Furniture Maintainer - 5Ltr
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TASKI R4 SHINE-UP is a product formulated for wooden furniture maintenance. When used daily it cleans and leaves a deep, lustrous sheen on wooden furniture. Protects and increases life of wooden furniture. Leaves a deep, lustrous sheen.Simple and easy to apply. Pleasant, fresh Room Care fragrance.Directions for use TASKI R4 Shine-Up is a ready-to-use product. Shake well before use. Spray a little TASKI R4 Shine-Up onto clean cloth. Wipe all wooden surfaces such as tables, bedside tables and chairs. Polish the surfaces to a fine sheen, working TASKI R4 Shine-Up into the grain of the wood. Can also be used to maintain polished metal surfaces like nameplates, brass handles, etc.